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A Few Good Women

March is Women’s History Month and a time to recognize the important contributions women have made to the world.  However, on a personal note, women’s history month is also a good time to remember the important women of your past who have influenced you. With any level of success, there are others who’ve helped make […]

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“The Write Attitude”

What Do The Godfather and Gone With The Wind Have in Common? The last week of February marked the 40th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppolla’s The Godfather, and in recognition, the AMC channel aired 72 hours of Godfather movies.  Now, I don’t know how you feel about those movies, but I find the stories as fascinating […]

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Welcome to my literary world!

Okay, so I published The Promise Box a few years back and thought I’d jump right in every year with a new, enticing book. Instead, my journey took a turn into the non-fiction realm, and my writing continued in the technical world, in on-line newsletters and printed magazine articles. Yet, I never forgot my heart’s […]

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