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Welcome to my literary world!

Okay, so I published The Promise Box a few years back and thought I’d jump right in every year with a new, enticing book.

Instead, my journey took a turn into the non-fiction realm, and my writing continued in the technical world, in on-line newsletters and printed magazine articles.

Yet, I never forgot my heart’s true desire, and never stopped writing fiction.  In fact, during these last few years, I completed four more books:  a heart-stopping murder mystery called Dangerous Desires, a saucy, hot contemporary romance titled Copper, a deliciously intriguing young adult novel of first love called Playgirl, and a book of non-fiction titled Living Your Joy.

I’ve redesigned my website to expand its purpose and include other items of interest to readers and writers alike. As always, you can find out more about me as you read through About The Author, but please take the time to scroll through My Writing Tips, Readers’ Frequent Questions, My Books, and My Blog. Peruse the topics, settle in, and most of all enjoy!

If you like what you see, please come back for more.  Regularly, I’ll be updating the website with new writing tips, and other finds of interest in a blog. Thanks for visiting, and remember there’s a link for your thoughts and feedback.  Love to hear from you!

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