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Reader’s Frequent Questions

How do you get started writing a book?

Be a reader first, and great listener second. That is where your ideas come from. Take advantage of the opportunities you get when you are around people. People, even the ones you might describe as mundane, are infinitely interesting and provide a wealth of ideas for any type of writing that interests you.

Are your books just for women?

Not at all! My stories are about fascinating people who find themselves in the middle of the worst time of their lives, yet fight their way out of it. Whether it’s the story of a young woman Marine officer who follows the puzzle of an anonymous letter to uncover the cause of her sister’s death and the family secret it hides, to the story of innocent first love between an ordinary young girl who falls for the sexiest boy of her dreams just to discover he has a bitter secret that could ruin them both if it comes out. Danger is tension, the lynchpin of a good tale, and all readers identify with a good story, whether they’re men or women.

How can you enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction?

The passion for both genres is very similar to me. I thoroughly enjoy creating characters and stories based on my imagination. I also enjoy the aspect of my life that involves imparting facts, but making them interesting enough that people care and want to listen. Discovering how we can live a purposeful life is as important to me as the novels I described above, which is why I researched and wrote the book on Living Your Joy. To do both fiction and non-fiction well, it takes the same creativity.

How do you work the research in when you write?

Authors do things in different ways, but I prefer to write the story, in the case of fiction, and get my characters and storyline down.Afterward, I do the research on the aspects of the story that I know little about, to ensure accuracy. At times, I have to stop, even in the drafting stage, and research what I’m trying to write first, when my knowledge is so vague I can do nothing else. For non-fiction, it is all about the facts first, and you build the text around it.

Why is it taking you so long to get your next books published?

Writing fiction is a serious business that requires you to do the work in order to reap the rewards. The writing is the fun part, the publishing is the work, and the publishing is the part that I have yet to focus on, until this year. Be patient, and you will see!